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Blogs > What The Village Means to Me

What The Village Means to Me

Village members, volunteers, donors and friends tell us what the Village means to them and how they have benefited from their involvement.

Thank You For Caring.

support, community
By Karen L. Whitmore on 02/12/2024

New to the Village

newcomers, welcome, villager
By Purnima Barve on 10/27/2023

How to Create an Engaged and Productive Life

By Susan Kujawa on 10/28/2022

Karen Bagnard - Kudos

By Blog Master on 09/12/2022

Paula Rao - Kudos

By Blog Master on 08/31/2022

Why I joined Pasadena Village

By Christina Folz on 06/05/2022

Creating a Supportive Community

By Barbara Madden on 03/22/2022

A Single Woman's Village Experience

By Valerie C. Jones on 03/22/2022

Redefining Aging, Lessons From Life

By Blog Master on 09/01/2021

Looking Through the Fog

karen bagnard
By Karen Bagnard on 08/18/2021

Gabriel Pizarro, Volunteer Award Ceremony

By Blog Master on 03/22/2021

Sandra Moffett - Member Connection

By Blog Master on 03/17/2021

A Life In Poetry

By Blog Master on 03/05/2021

First Annual Film Festival

By Blog Master on 02/26/2021

Being Thankful For the Village

By Gail Anderson on 12/10/2020

Redefining Aging As An Adventure

By Blog Master on 12/03/2020

Growing Up Privileged

karen bagnard
By Karen Bagnard on 11/24/2020

Way More Than I Bargained For

karen bagnard
By Karen Bagnard on 10/17/2020


By Lisa Davis on 09/19/2020

Joining the Village..

By Richard Myers on 09/15/2020

Belonging and the Pasadena Village

By John Tuite on 09/04/2020

My journey to the Pasadena Village

vickie hodges
By Vicki Hodges on 08/30/2020

We are all migrants. All of us.

By Richard Myers on 07/17/2020

Outside of my “comfort zone”.

By Gail Anderson on 06/24/2020