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Bridget Brewster Discovers Village Benefits

By Bridget Brewster
Posted: 06/04/2023
Tags: bios

Village Life: A New Villager’s Perspective

Bridget Brewster

I was invited several times to become a part of Pasadena Village . . . I politely declined.  Why? Well, my thinking was this: I don’t think I want to be with a bunch of ‘old people’ who probably talk about the ‘good old days’ or the various aches and pains of aging.   I want energetic conversations, not nostalgia.

Well, let me tell you, the day I finally attended a Meet Me at the Village session to learn a bit more, my erroneous assumptions flew out the window.  I couldn’t have been more wrong in my unfounded judgement (my mama always told me to explore before judging).  The people around the table were energetic, enthusiastic and forward-thinking individuals who are living life, not just getting through it.

The mission of the Pasadena Village (which, by the way, is a national movement) is to foster vital independent living in a spirit of mutual support, enrichment and inclusiveness.  Well, friend, it’s not possible to do this alone or without commitment to create community.

I became a Villager in spite of the fact that I’m not a ‘joiner’.  What I’ve discovered is that becoming a Villager, although there is an annual fee in order to support the important and necessary work, it is not a transactional commitment.  Becoming a Villager is, at its core, becoming a part of a vital community of individuals who want to be part of my life and growth and be with me on this journey of aging.

As independent as I am at the age of 73, I’m smart enough to know that I may not always be so independent, but I won’t be alone for any part of this aging process.  I will be supported and encouraged by Villagers with whom I participate in an astonishing number of activities.  Oh, yes, I have family close by, but they’re my kids, not my peers. In every village, family has a role and the rest of the villagers have a role . . . they complement each other, but both are vital for a joyful, fulfilling journey.

I’m so grateful I overcame my reluctance to learn about Pasadena Village.  My life is already richer, happier and busier than I could imagine.  I hope you will take time to explore who we are and how you will be part of our ever growing and always exciting community. 

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