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three images laced together, the first one is two older woman smiling wearing "happy birthday" crows, the second is a older women standing in front of some paintings laughing, the third image is a group of older adults sitting around a table at a cafe

logo for Village Movement California Member The Village Movement is a new social venture built on the radical old idea that together we’re better. As human beings, we’re hard-wired for cooperation. The seeds of the Movement were planted in Boston in 2002, and have continued to evolve across the country. There are now over 225 villages in operation and another 130 in development nationwide. California is home to 50 villages, with some operating since 2008.



Working with partners and supporters, Village Movement California (VMC) seeks to revolutionize the experience of aging, firm in the belief that the power of community can create society-wide change in the way we age. VMC is leading the way with the tools, connections and visibility needed so that villages throughout the state can thrive. By joining together, Villages can ensure that all Californians have access to vibrant communities that enhance and expand the ways we can age well.


Village Movement California has created a new video that demonstrates the value
Villages bring to members, volunteers, families and communities.




Pasadena Village is a founding member of VMC and our members serve on VMC committees to advocate for inclusion in State wide initiatives, provide training based on member interests, and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Village movement. In turn VMC is our voice to bring attention to the Village Movement and its potential to revolutionize the experience of aging.



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