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Aging Resources


Pasadena Village is run by members and offerings are determined by members’ needs. As a community of seniors, we offer opportunities for learning, personal development, creative activity, and social engagement. Neighbors and friends help one another with small tasks like grocery shopping, household chores, transportation to medical facilities and much more. Our members run small group gatherings and walking and hiking groups. Our committees plan cultural activities, social activities, and support groups for a wide range of needs. While helping to run our organization, our committees and small group gatherings offer opportunities for leadership and making new friends. Generous volunteers assist in providing additional services to our membership.



The Pasadena Village is committed to connecting our members and friends to resources already available in the community. We are in the process of updating our list of resources in the greater Pasadena area. New resources will be added to this list frequently.


Medical, Social and Emotional Resources

For resources relating to physical and mental health we invite you to check out the Resource Directory on the new Pasadena Senior Center website. Here you will find listings of dozens of resources. 

Also check out Huntington Hospital’s Senior Care Network.
Comprised mainly of social workers and public health nurses, the Senior Care Network team provides the community with programs, resources and support. If you need to talk to someone regarding aging issues or caring for an older or disabled adult, or have any other questions, they’re here. You can contact them by phone at (800)664-4664 or (626)397-3110.

The Braille Institute • (323) 663-6111 • braille
The Braille Institute is a source of a wide range of resources to support people with visual impairments. Their resources are not limited to blind people. A large majority of their clients are not blind, but have a visual impairment that interferes with their lives. To qualify for support from the Braille Institute, one needs a note from their eye doctor, and an intake interview by a specialist at the Institute. There is no charge for their services. In addition to their classes and other support services, they have a store that carries a number of products that are very helpful for people with visual impairments.

Pasadena Senior Center • (626)795-4331 •
The Pasadena Senior Center is located in Old Town Pasadena near the Memorial Park Station on the Gold Line. With a very welcoming atmosphere, the Pasadena Senior Center offers educational classes, exercise and fitness programs, a food distribution program, foreign language courses and much more. The area in which it is located is full of shops and restaurants and pleasant walking areas.

Vaccine Resources
Learn more about how to access vaccines in the Pasadena and Los Angeles area.

Senior Fraud

Reporting and researching frauds is challenging. Here are several sources where you can start – from the most comprehensive to the most local.

Federal Trade Commission 
Report and research frauds in California or the nation. The FTC has the most information about all frauds. 
Descriptions of some 60 different frauds and methods to avoid them

LA County Fraud • (213) 257-2675 • 
The county district attorney handles several kinds of elder abuse including financial fraud.

LA County Elder Abuse • (877) 477-3646
County Community and Senior Services provides a hotline for reporting suspected abuse of senior citizens.

Pasadena Police • (626) 744-4501 • 
Crimes in Pasadena should first be reported to the Pasadena Police Dept.

Fraud Hotline • (626) 744-7448 • 
Designed for reporting suspected cases of fraud, waste, or abuse involving Pasadena, including its employees, officials, contractors or vendors. It can also be used to report breaches of Citywide policies and conduct that have a financial impact on the City.


Technology Assistance

Unlike other areas, free technology assistance is not readily available. Partly because of the constantly changing nature of technology and partly because of the commercial nature of technological products, solving technical problems is not easy without calling on commercial companies who specialize in solutions. This problem is compounded by the inter-connection of devices made by different manufacturers.

One way to solve technical problems is to attend classes offered by schools, libraries and senior centers. Often instructors and possibly other students can help with complex issues. And of course there is your smart 13-year-old grandson who seems to have been born understanding this stuff.

Pasadena Village • (626) 765-6037 •
Members of Pasadena Village are blessed with several technologically advanced volunteers who we call on.

Pasadena Senior Center • (626) 795-4331 • 
The Pasadena Senior Center offers various classes on iPhone, Windows and Internet scams, and various current technology issues.

Pasadena City College • (626) 585-7123 •
See the Pasadena Community College for a list of classes.

Cyber Seniors
Bridges the digital divide and connects generations through technology, providing tech-training for senior citizens using an intergenerational, youth volunteer model. Join other seniors getting great technical assistance from the kids.

AARP is a great source of technical information on many subjects affecting seniors. AARP also offers “How to Become a Tech Savvy Senior” at:

Southern California Resource Services for Independent Living  •  (626) 587-5010    •
Southern California Resource Services for Independent Living provides a wealth of information relating to assisted living including Assistive Technology



We have a lot more ways to get around Pasadena besides our cars. Here are the major choices.

Dial-a-Ride • (626) 744-4055 •  
Dial-A-Ride is a shared, curb-to-curb transportation service provided to seniors who live in Pasadena and nearby areas.

Access Services • (800) 827-0829 •
Access is for functionally disabled individuals in Los Angeles County. Plan on it taking about 3 weeks to apply and be accepted for this service.

Metro – Tips for Seniors • (800) 268-8282 • 
Metro offers seniors an affordable, convenient and safe means of travel throughout LA County. Go shopping, go to the doctor, visit friends or relatives, and do all this while avoiding traffic or having to rely on someone else to give you a ride. The Metro Gold Line has several stops in Pasadena, then heads for DTLA and connections all over Southern California.

Metro TAP Program • (866) TAPTOGO •  
Metro offers TAP – a program of reduced fares for seniors that applies to various transit lines throughout Southern California

Metro Micro • (323) GOMETRO •

Pasadena Transit • (626) 744-4055 •
Also known as ARTS, this is a city-operated local bus service in Pasadena. There are several lines covering most of Pasadena.

Foothill Transit • (800) 743-3463 • 
Provides friendly bus service throughout Southern California's San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys, including express bus routes to Pasadena and Downtown Los Angeles.

GoGoGrandparent • (855) 464-6872 • 
This service lets seniors without a smartphone use Lyft and Uber, with rides monitored by 24/7 operators and alerts for families. Just call them and they do the rest for a small credit card charge.

Uber •
Download the Uber app to your smartphone, then just open the app and enter where you want to go, and a nearby driver will help you get there reliably. Your credit card will be charged for the service. 
Download the Lyft app to your smartphone, then just open the app and enter where you want to go, and a nearby driver will help you get there reliably. Your credit card will be charged for the service.

Taxi Services • (800) 268-8282
Traditional taxi service



Useful Phone Numbers for Seniors
City of Pasadena Senior Commission put together this list of useful phone numbers in several categories. It is downloadable from  and available in person at Recreation Centers in Pasadena

Advocates for African American Elders •(213) 740-1887
Educating and disseminating knowledge about resources that benefit African American elders; by working with local providers to improve outreach and engagement efforts related to health and mental health treatment and services for older African American residents in Los Angeles communities.

Union Station Homeless Services • (626) 240-4550
Mission to end homelessness and rebuild lives in our community.

Meals on Wheels • (626) 449-6815  
Helping those who are disabled, aged, ill or convalescing at home with hot meal + cold meal 

Pasadena Senior Center •(626) 795-4331
Offers educational classes, exercise and fitness programs, a food distribution program, foreign language courses and much more. Located near shops, restaurants and pleasant walking areas.


If you are looking for information for on vaccines please check out our Vaccine Resource page.

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