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Pasadena Village is an intentional community of adults over 55 who support each other while living independently in their homes. Over 180 Members (and growing) engage in a robust calendar of discussion groups, social activities, support groups, and educational programs. Members nurture new friendships and meaningful experiences while encouraging ways to contribute to the wider community. Pasadena Village is one of 300 villages across the country which are embarking on a new way to support the population of seniors who choose to age in place and remain in their own homes as long as they wish.

Learn more about us in this video!

The amazing team at Pasadena Media helped our members produce a free one-minute Public Service Announcement for Pasadena Village! Check out our History of the Village page to learn how it all came together.


We are an organization run BY members FOR members and that makes us unique!

Run by members, our offerings are determined by members’ needs. Our members run small group gatherings such as discussions, seminars and walking and hiking groups. Our Committees and Teams plan cultural activities, social activities, educational programs and support groups for a wide range of needs. Members also serve on the Board of Directors along with members of our local community. While helping to run our organization, these activities offer opportunities for leadership and making new friends.



Pasadena Village is committed to helping older adults age in place.

As a community of seniors, we offer opportunities for learning, personal development, creative activity, and social engagement. We help one another or call on volunteers to assist with small tasks like grocery shopping, household chores, technology and transportation to medial facilities. Pasadena Village, with its Members, Volunteers, and Staff, has learned to respond with compassion and practicality.

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Pasadena Village is a membership organization of adults over 55 whose mission is to foster vital independent living in a spirit of mutual support, enrichment and inclusiveness.

Our Vision

We invite older adults to thrive through new friends, meaningful experiences, and involvement in our wider community.

Our Values

Inclusiveness: We create a welcoming environment where everyone is treated with respect regardless of age, ability, race, ethnicity, economic status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or political preference.

Enrichment: We promote participation, providing opportunities for growth.

Service: We commit to work for the good of Pasadena Village and the community at large with everyone having a role to play.

Appreciation: We value and encourage each person's gift of time and energy to the Village.

Joy: We encourage humor and good cheer.

Reflection: We provide opportunities to contemplate and share thoughts about life.

Legacy: We strive to share our values to build a better world.


You'll find out how we support one another on our Support for Members page. See our many activities on our Calendar and Community Events pages. See how our organization is structured on our Organization page. We also maintain an Aging Resources page for the benefit of the wider community.



Pasadena Village is part of the National Village Movement that promotes the formation of communities of people who pool resources by paying membership dues and volunteering their skills and time to support the Village infrastructure and to assist one another. The Village model has now been adopted in 200 different villages currently existing and another 150 are in development across the country.

Pasadena Village is also part of Village Movement California. Working with partners and supporters VMC seeks to revolutionize the experience of aging, firm in the belief that the power of community can create society-wide change in the way we age. VMC is leading the way with the tools, connections and visibility needed so that villages throughout the state can thrive. By joining together, Villages can ensure that all Californians have access to vibrant communities that enhance and expand the way we can age well. See also Village to Village Network.


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Pasadena Village, 236 W. Mountain Street, #104, Pasadena, California 91103
626-765-6037 •