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Paula Rao - Kudos

By Blog Master
Posted: 08/31/2022

Paula Rao is a very special member of the Village. Our website is a very important communication tool that is used by and belongs to all the members. We solicit contributions from members about everything on our website, including specifically four of our blogs, Village Voices, Meanderings, Racism Now, and Ms. Vyk's Salon. While many of the members have contributed a great deal to our website, it would not exist in its current form without Paula Rao.


Paula is a tireless contributor to the website and the key to the attractive and engaging design of the site. Paula is directly responsible for the updated graphic design of the site and collects and manages the large array of photographs that illustrate so beautifully the activities in the engagement of the membership. While the content is written by many different people, Paula Rao is still involved in getting that information onto the site in an attractive and readable format.


Because of the nature of her work, Paula‚Äôs name seldom appears on the site and she receives insufficient recognition for her efforts, but the Village owes her a great deal for the work she does in communicating to the entire world what a vibrant and engaging place the Village is. Kudos to Paula!

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