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Why I joined Pasadena Village

By Christina Folz
Posted: 06/05/2022

Why I joined Pasadena Village


By Chris Folz



I recall a conversation that I had with my dad many years ago. I think it was during the Bush Administration. He commented on how a friend of his had told him that he, the friend, was only interested in taking care of his family, no one else. In that post-911 era it was not an uncommon sentiment and seems to have been the seeds of many the political and cultural issues that we are seeing today. Dad’s response to that comment was, “When did we stop caring for each other?”. I often recall those words when I think about what a kind and insightful man he is. He has always cared for others, be it my sister and I, his late wife or his amazing mother. It almost was inevitable that he would become one of the charter members of Pasadena Village.


When Dad first shared with me what Pasadena Village was going to be all about, I had visions of him leaping into his car like Superman, racing off to drive someone to a doctor’s appointment or help someone set up their computer. And, yes, he does his fair share of that. But what I also saw was that Dad had found like-minded people who are still interested in caring for others. Many of those people I also knew and very much respected through my involvement in All Saints Church. The Village was more than a mutual aid group, it was a community and Dad had found a wonderful “posse” of really great friends. I envied his trips to museums, hikes and social gatherings with his new-found gang. It wasn’t a question of if I was going to join Pasadena Village, it was just a question of when.


So, through a strange turn of circumstances that began last July, I now find myself not working and able to start a new chapter in life. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I also believe that caring extends far beyond one’s family and well into the community at large. I look forward to participating in some of the Affinity groups and volunteering. Even more, I look forward to spending time with an amazing group of people who are like my dad, giving of all they are, to others.  

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