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A Single Woman's Village Experience

By Valerie C. Jones
Posted: 03/22/2022



Written by Valerie Jones - member since 2022


As a single person living alone, I realize that at this stage of my life, community is very necessary and important. Aging can affect us in many ways, not just physically, and if you have no family and few friends on the West Coast, having people that you can go to for assistance or advice or just companionship is important. Also, as the years go by, your circle of friends may slowly decrease, whether from relocation, illness, or death.


The Village provides me with a dispersed neighborhood of friends and acquaintances that are in my age range and thus can relate to me on various levels. Most Villagers are very active and there is a wide selection of groups/committees with which I can join. 


I have yet to meet an unfriendly neighbor in the Village, and rather than have an organization provide opportunities for me as if I were a cross between a child and 'an old lady' that had to be looked after or told what to do and how to do it, we are the organization. We are adults creating our own opportunities and making our own plans that we follow-through on. 


There are enough people in the Village that I am always meeting someone new, and have met many people that have some of the same interests that I do. A person is not limited to only doing Village activities, but you can do things outside of the Village with one or more of the new friends that you have made. I have gone for walks with Villagers aside from the Urban Walkers or the Hikers. I have attended performances with a couple of Villagers. Currently, four of us who love to see new things and places, are working on creating a new committee whose goal is to offer day trips, and later multi-day trips as people show a interest in. 


Another nice feature that the Pasadena Village provides is the weekly Bulletin. If I need a referral for a tradesperson, advice on how to create a document, or inquire if there is anyone interested is joining me in attending an event that interests me, I can post those things in newsletter and receive responses from those people who can be of help. If I have to be hospitalized or am going out of town or need a ride because my car is in the shop, I can post my inquiry and there will be responses from any one who is willing able to help me.  


I am very pleased with my decision to join the Pasadena Village and I'm sure that pleasure will only continue to grow.




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