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Outside of my “comfort zone”.

By Gail Anderson
Posted: 06/24/2020

I joined because it was a time in my life that I wanted to meet different people.  I have neighbors and friends and my church family, but I wanted to get out of my “comfort zone”.  I had never been outside my comfort zone.  I had the same friends, the same church people.  I wanted something different.


Sue Kujawa came to Jackie Robinson Center and made a presentation.  She told me about the programs and services.  I don’t drive and Sue told me they could give me a ride to the doctor sometimes.  (She also told me they couldn’t always give me a ride.) 


When I joined everyone welcomed me.  I was a little scared.  I wasn’t sure they would like me.  But everyone was so nice to me and I’ve made new friends.  I do get rides to the doctor sometimes.  But I also contribute by making phone calls to other Village members.  I go to potlucks and was in one of the women’s groups. 


For me it has been a great experience.

- Gail Anderson -

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