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Contributing to life, and including fun

By Lucinda Haagenson
Posted: 08/08/2020
Tags: lucinda haagenson

              I believe I have helped my community and impacted many lives.  When my girls were young, I wanted them to be Girl Scouts.  My friend and I started a troop.  I kept it going to their high school graduations.  Three of the girls achieved the Gold Award and of the girls I have kept in contact with three are now Girl Scout leaders.  I also volunteered with Boy Scouts, soccer, and music boosters.

                After the children were grown, I became a member, volunteer, and donor for Pasadena Playhouse, Pasadena Heritage, Altadena Heritage, and Christmas Tree Lane.  I have done many jobs for these organizations and my life has been enriched.  I continue to volunteer with all of these organizations.  But it seemed that something was missing.  Fun, laughter and friendships were missing.  Then I found Pasadena Village.  There are lots of fun events to attend, educational talks, places to go with Travel Buddies, group dining out, birthday parties and memoir writing.  The additional benefit is that there is room for my volunteer spirit.  My life is full with lots of fun, laughter and friendships now.


- LuCinda Haagenson -


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