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Being Thankful For the Village

By Gail Anderson
Posted: 12/10/2020

Being thankful of the Village – by Gail Anderson as told to Sue Kujawa

I’ve been a member of the Pasadena Village for more than six years now. When I joined I said I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, to meet new people and do new things. I got more comfortable by joining the very first women’s group and also by going out to dinners and to potlucks. The Village has really helped me and been very supportive of me. I have two daughters. I depend on one of my daughters a lot. I’d be lost without her. But I can tell that she feels better now because she knows I am in good hands and she is not the only one who I depend on. Now when I tell her that a Village member suggested I do something, she is relieved a bit.

I have a recent example of how the Village has helped me. I needed a new roof on my garage. Another friend of mine gave me the name of a roofer. He came out and told me it would cost $20,000 to replace my garage roof! When I told him that was too much he became threatening in a way, telling me that the City could come out and make me replace the whole garage. I shared this at my neighborhood group. One of the men in the group helped me get a new roofer to come out and give me an estimate –and he even came to my house to be there when the roofer came.

Now I am paying $3,500 for a new roof! What a difference it makes to have friends like I do at Pasadena Village.

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