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An Epiphany, for Some

By Lora Harrington-Pride
Posted: 09/18/2022
Tags: lora harrington pride

An Epiphany, for Some


by Lora Harrington-Pride


History, literature, music and art are all intertwined. All exist because of the other.


One day my daughter spoke with annoyance, saying, “Mom, you know a song for every situation in life,

where upon you break into song. That’s irritating.”


I answered, “Of course!” My tone saying, “Duh! That’s what music is written about – life!” and,


That’s what art is about. That’s what literature and history are about. All of it is just recording life as we live it.


We write life. We paint it. We sing it. All, are means of learning, growing, grieving, rejoicing and surviving.


These means are not only for our use in the present, they are meant to be used by those who come after us.


What a blueprint to draw upon, to follow, to improve and to relive, what is good.

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