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A meandering river leaves a rich alluvial floodplain where wild things take root and flourish. This is a place where the creativity of our membership can flourish in the same way.


By Edward A. Rinderle on 08/21/2023

Jumbo Joy

By Karen Bagnard on 04/24/2023

Same Ol’ New Year, Brand New Me

By Karen Bagnard on 01/12/2023

Epiphany by Ed Rinderle

By Edward A. Rinderle on 12/28/2022

Volunteering with Christmas Tree Lane

By Lucinda Haagenson on 11/16/2022

Naval Aviation: Blue Angels

By Dick Myers on 11/12/2022

The Second Coming

By Dick Myers on 11/06/2022

MEANDERING by Ed Rinderle

By Edward A. Rinderle on 10/27/2022

SOLO? by Sally Currie

By Meanderings BLOG on 10/27/2022

New York Times Letter by Sally Currie

By Meanderings BLOG on 10/21/2022

Little Joseph

By Edward A. Rinderle on 10/13/2022

Percolating Dawdle

By Karen Bagnard on 10/04/2022

An Epiphany, for Some

By Lora Harrington-Pride on 09/18/2022

The Ultimate Foodie

By Lora Harrington-Pride on 09/08/2022

Observations of Lora Harrington-Pride

By Lora Harrington-Pride on 08/07/2022

My Muddle (With a Shout-out to Covid)

By Edward A. Rinderle on 06/23/2022

Doin’ Nothin’

By Karen Bagnard on 06/05/2022

The Thorn

By Edward A. Rinderle on 05/25/2022

Dancing With Paint

By Karen Bagnard on 05/12/2022

The Intersection

By Edward A. Rinderle on 02/25/2022

Old Friends and Trees

By Karen Bagnard on 02/22/2022

The Power of Belief

By Sally Currie on 01/22/2022

Rap: Sorry To See You Go

By Sally Currie on 01/11/2022

The Seasons, Autumn and Winter

By Lucinda Haagenson on 12/14/2021

A Christmas Goodbye

By Edward A. Rinderle on 12/02/2021

The Artist's Kitchen

By Meanderings BLOG on 12/02/2021

A Tiny Droplet

By Edward A. Rinderle on 11/14/2021


By Edward A. Rinderle on 11/03/2021

The Parade

By Edward A. Rinderle on 10/16/2021

My Painting

By Sally Currie on 09/26/2021

To Have or Have Not

By Karen Bagnard on 06/13/2021

"Daniel's Tree Is Her Home" by Lisa Davis

By Meanderings BLOG on 06/10/2021

Quality of Life

By Sally Currie on 05/27/2021

Donna Hummer, Creative Connections

By Karen Bagnard on 05/24/2021

Dappled Morning Sunlight by Karen Bagnard

By Karen Bagnard on 05/12/2021

Sally Curries's Life in Poetry

By Meanderings BLOG on 03/05/2021

Meander over to Village Voices

By Meanderings BLOG on 02/26/2021

Coffee Klatch in Grandma's Kitchen

By Nancy Goodell on 02/24/2021


By Sally Asmundson on 12/21/2020

A Covid Poem

By Susan Kujawa on 12/10/2020

Christmas Dilemma

By Karen Bagnard on 12/03/2020


By Sally Currie on 10/06/2020


By Sally Currie on 10/06/2020

Return with Honor Film honors our Servicemen

By Meanderings BLOG on 09/29/2020

A new blogger begins her career at 86!

By Meanderings BLOG on 09/28/2020

Contour drawing of my grandson, Leo, age 10

By Richard Myers on 09/25/2020

Alphabet, a poem about experiencing vision loss

By Sally Asmundson on 09/22/2020

On the hood of the family car…

By Karen Bagnard on 09/08/2020

“A Mother’s Miracle”, Poem

By Linda Simmons on 08/16/2020


By Sally Currie on 07/26/2020

About creative writing

By Kit Davis on 07/24/2020

Metamorphosis, a poem

By Karen Bagnard on 07/17/2020

Come to the Village, a poem

By Sally Currie on 07/09/2020