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Board of Directors: Strategic Planning Updates

By Susan Kujawa
Posted: 08/28/2023
Tags: board of directors, board chairperson

There was a time, when I was Executive Director of a local nonprofit organization, when August was a pretty quiet month. The common understanding was that “everyone” went out of town in August. Well, things change! 

The Pasadena Village calendar in August featured more than 60 events and gatherings. Program Teams held their usual meetings to plan for the fall. The Villager Engagement Team hosted numerous events to welcome and orient the new Villagers who have joined since July 1.

You can see from the articles included in this newsletter how interesting life in the Village is, and these describe only a snippet of the many activities Villagers organize and attend. 

The Board of Directors has also been busy in July and August, with an emphasis on board orientation and keeping apprised of the progress of our three-year Strategic Plan. The board set three priorities for this coming fiscal year:

• Welcoming 60 new Villagers by the end of June 2023

• Making sure that ALL Villagers are engaged through all stages of Village life

• Boosting volunteer engagement from community members as well as Villagers

We ended the month with a Leadership and Volunteer Training Session, which provided guidelines to enhance cultural competency, procedures for organizing and leading small groups, as well as promoting the many opportunities to support older adults in our community.

Pasadena Village is fortunate to have dedicated, experienced, and engaged board directors who believe in our mission and vision, and who are faithful in fulfilling their board responsibilities. More importantly, our directors are a reflection of our entire Village. I am looking forward to a productive and rewarding year with all our Villagers and community partners.

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