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The Pasadena Village Newsletter "Voice of the Village" strives to inform the greater community about Village programming and initiatives. The newsletter is a key communication tool to learn about Village events and news relating to aging in the greater Pasadena area. Articles are posted once a month and emailed to those who subscribe.

Women's Liberation: Then and Now

karen bagnard
By Karen Bagnard on 03/25/2024

Preparing for the Future with Ready or Not

By Julie Coveney on 03/25/2024

Writing Memoirs Together

sue addelson
By Sue Addelson on 03/25/2024

Doug Colliflower Honored

bridget brewsetr, volunteering
By Bridget Brewster on 02/27/2024

The Power of Touch

health, terry chamorro
By Terry Chamorro on 02/27/2024

Pasadena Village's Impact

karen bagnard
By Karen Bagnard on 02/27/2024

Walk With Ease, 2024

By Edward A. Rinderle on 01/24/2024

Decluttering: Do It Now

suzi hoge
By Suzi Hoge on 01/24/2024

Villagers Creating Community

karen bagnard
By Karen Bagnard on 01/24/2024

Connecting with Priyanka Kumar

bios, staff, karen bagnard
By Karen Bagnard on 11/27/2023

From the President

from the president
By Susan Kujawa on 11/27/2023

Welcoming the Holidays with Wisdom

jan mcfarlane
By Jan McFarlane on 11/27/2023

What To Do When the Lights Go Out

suzi hoge
By Suzi Hoge on 11/27/2023

Vintage Celebration Thanksgiving Poem

By Katie Brandon on 10/31/2023