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Volunteer & Leadership Training

By Bridget Brewster
Posted: 08/28/2023
Tags: volunteer, committees, teams, bridget brewster

As a member-led organization, we rely on valued volunteers, to achieve our mission to support aging-in-place older adults. Villagers and community volunteers are necessary to build the support that we all will need as we age. Some of the goals of Pasadena Village’s volunteer opportunities are to:

  • Contribute to the community
  • Reduce isolation
  • Promote inter-dependence
  • Counter ageism
  • Provide intergenerational opportunities for engagement and connection
  • Develop pathways to leadership

On Thursday, August 31, over 50 Villagers and community volunteers spent the day delving into how each can actively support aging-in-place older adults and the Village organization.

The purpose of the training was to:

  • Build on our member-led community of support
  • Create welcoming spaces
  • Learn about new procedures
  • Discover new opportunities to support

Villagers and community volunteers bonded together over a day of learning and shared experiences. 

Dedicated Villager volunteers, and those from the wider community, help members in myriad ways. Some share their expertise and time by giving presentations, coordinating programs and events, or providing rides for Villagers. Volunteers can help members familiarize themselves with their computers, cell phones, tablets and social media. Volunteers assist with scheduling speakers, setting up Village events, organizing Small Group Gatherings and creating new activities for the Village. Others participate in the governance of the Village by serving on the Board of Directors and various program teams.

We are looking for more individuals, of all ages, who want to 

  • Be a volunteer driver
  • Help plan presentations and events
  • Offer a little help at home or an occasional meal
  • Offer IT support
  • Make friendly visits 
  • Write newsletter articles
  • Help at the Village Office
  • Evaluate new programs


If you are interested in learning more, contact Member Services & Volunteer Coordinator Priyanka Kumar at or visit our Volunteer Opportunities page

Thank you to the Leadership and Volunteer Development Team for planning the training and preparing the new Volunteer Manual. We truly appreciate your guidance and dedication to this process.

Dan Guerrero, lead
Sally Asmundson
Bridget Brewster
Toni Cavanagh Johnson
Esther Gillies 
Valerie Jones
Paula Rao 

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