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From the President

By Susan Kujawa
Posted: 07/24/2023

It has been a great honor and a pleasure to serve as President of the Board of Directors during this past year. This year, we welcomed 51 new members to Pasadena Village, to bring our membership total to 150, which was the goal we had set for ourselves at the beginning of the year! Our success was the result of many things — not the least was the openness and welcoming spirit of our members, our increased visibility in the community (thanks in large part to our Executive Director Katie Brandon and our wonderful business partners), and our rich and ever-growing array of member-driven programs and activities that engage, challenge and support our members. I thank everyone who contributed to our successful recruitment efforts.

I am especially proud of our commitment to acting out our values of inclusiveness, enrichment, service, appreciation, joy and reflection as we welcomed new members to the Village. Our lives are richer and full of meaning and purpose when we are active participants in the struggle to ensure diversity, equity and inclusion. Again, I am grateful for all of our Village members and our partners in the community who help make change happen.

Our achievements this past year grow out of our Strategic Plan for 2022–2025. Our Board of Directors worked together with our Executive Director to craft a plan that was challenging and achievable. The plan has four priorities: membership diversity and growth; member-driven programming and community support; leadership and volunteer development; and sustainable funding.

Board of Directors 2022-23

Wayne April

Pat Dawe

Nancy Goodell

Diane Kirbis

Barbara Madden

Ronald Stoffers

Sally Asmundson

Nick Everett

Claire Gorfinkel

Sue Kujawa

Richard Myers

Nancy Valentine

Shad Cruz

Esther Gillies

Rick Holliday

Betty Ann Jansson

Paula Rao

Jo Yeargin

As we welcome new members to Pasadena Village during this coming year, we are committed to ensuring that ALL villagers are engaged in Village life through all stages of membership — from their first days as new members, to later stages when we “bring the Village to your home.”

In working together to support older adults in our community we are acting out another of our stated values — and we are building our LEGACY — as we build a better world for people at all stages of their lives. There is a place for you in our Village and I invite you to join us!

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