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Science: Bioluminescence, milky seas, malnutrition

By Bob Snodgrass
Posted: 10/13/2022

Hello Friends,

I’m writing to inform you that we will have a Science Monday meeting Monday the 10th. We also have an outside speaker, Dr. Michael Werner, former project scientist of the Spitzer space telescope, who will speak to us and

anyone interested on Monday, October 24th at 4 PM. Dr. Werner was a pioneer in infra-imaging of the universe, which led to the James Webb telescope. The Spitzer telescope operated from 2003-2020. His title is The Old, the Cold and the Dirty, infrared astronomy explores the universe. Here’s a picture of him in the JPL Cold room next to the Spitzer Space Telescope: I’m having some problem with the images, so we’ll skip them. The main point is that the Spitzer telescope is only slightly bigger than he is.

So, please attend our Zoom meeting tomorrow and bring something for discussion. I hope that many of you can attend Dr. Werner’s Zoom presentation.

Best wishes

Updated information:

Subsequent to the initial posting above, the meeting on October 10th took place with material contributed by participants, the discussion included such topics as Bioluminescence and milky seas, and a discussion of the impact of gut microbiomes in dealing with malnutrition among children, and radio telescopes.

At the request of one of the participants, a recording of this meeting was made, which has not been the usual practice in these meetings.

The recording of the meeting can be viewed at Science Monday

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