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Science Monday

Are you fascinated by the last in science? DNA? Astrophysics? Geology? Archeology? The once a month Science Monday group is for those who are curious and have an interest in learning something new.

Science: Optical Illusion

By Bob Snodgrass on 07/23/2022

Science: Nature astronomy, space

By Bob Snodgrass on 03/11/2022

Dr. Mulchaey - Pasadena Carnegie Observatories

By Bob Snodgrass on 11/02/2021

Science: Telescopes, Columbian Exchange

By Bob Snodgrass on 10/16/2021

Upcoming meeting October 11th!

By Bob Snodgrass on 10/06/2021

Science: Climate Change, Primates, Tardigrades

By Bob Snodgrass on 08/10/2021

Science: Plasticity, DNA, Universe Theory

By Bob Snodgrass on 07/13/2021

Science: Martian Lander, UFOs, Solar Eclipse

By Bob Snodgrass on 06/15/2021

Science: Nueroplasticity, Quantum, Chernobyl

By Bob Snodgrass on 05/10/2021

Science: Planetary Formation, Proteins, SkyLab

By Bob Snodgrass on 02/08/2021