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By Blog Master
Posted: 04/23/2022

Volunteering in the digital age

Did you know that Pasadena Village has a Facebook page? Of course we do! But our dilemma has been how to make the most of it by keeping it current and inviting. Katie Brandon, our Executive Director, posted an “ad” on seeking a social media intern with a background in digital design and coding.

A teacher at “e3 Civic High School", a public charter school in San Diego, included our ad in a list of volunteer opportunities for his students. One of his students, Julie Hughes-Quintana, responded to our request. “I have studied art since Kindergarten. I especially love digital design. And I love making connections. Plus, I haven’t been able to see my grandparents very much during the pandemic and I thought this was a way to use my art and computer skills as well as honor my grandparents.”

Julie understands the value of social media sites such as Facebook and knows that more older adults are using them. She sees a vibrant Facebook page as a way to attract more people and spread the word about the Pasadena Village.

So, since February 2021, Julie has been posting to the Pasadena Village page multiple times a week. Explains Julie, “It’s important that the feed is consistent so that viewers know it is an active organization.” Katie sends Julie ideas and photos from member events, and Julie shares them and creates eye-catching designs to encourage people to join or come to Village events.

Julie reports that she “loves working with the Pasadena Village,” which she finds to be an amazing place doing important work to help older adults thrive. Katie relies on Julie to post at different times and implement the social media plan that was developed with another volunteer, Sarah Emery Bunn, through Jericho Road Pasadena. 

Katie states “Julie is a joy to work with and the Village truly benefits from her creativity and responsiveness. Because of her consistent posting, we have seen a 60% growth in followers, great engagement with our page, and we have even connected with people on social media who have become members and donors!”

Julie herself is a pretty amazing person. Raised in San Diego, she has studied many art forms, including creative writing and journalism. She loves photography and is working at developing her skills in this area. She attended the San Diego School for Performing Arts before transferring to the e3 Civic High charter school that embodies the “three e’s – engage, educate, and empower.”

Today, in spite of her love and talent for art, Julie is focusing her academic career on biology and science. In the fall, Julie will transfer to Washington State University where she will major in animal science with the goal of becoming a marine mammal veterinarian. “I have always wanted to be a marine mammal vet – I think since I was 5 years old. I had an amazing teacher named Ms. Hatch who told me wonderful stories about adventuring around the world. She told me that I should go to university and follow my dreams. She is a major reason I am going off to university.”  

We are so fortunate at Pasadena Village to have volunteers like Julie helping us achieve our mission. It reminds us also of the ways in which technology can be a great asset to us. And, to all the teachers among us, it emphasizes the critical, life-changing, influence teachers have in making our world a better place.

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