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By Blog Master
Posted: 07/05/2022


Susan Kujawa, President - Village Member since 2015

Sue Kujawa was the founding Executive Director of the Pasadena Village. As a member she enjoys the book group, the educational programs, and the neighborhood walks. Sue is also the editor of the monthly e-newsletter. She has been part of the Strategic Planning committee. “This is a very exciting time for Pasadena Village. I am looking forward to working with the Board, Village members, and volunteers to implement our Strategic Plan which will help us have an even greater impact on the lives of older adults in our community.”  

Barbara Madden, Vice President – Strategic Planning – Village members since 2012

Barbara Madden was a clinical therapist for more than 30 years. Even before she joined the Village in its earliest days, she had organized a group of friends who met monthly to prepare for getting older. "As part of the Strategic Planning process last year, we worked hard to assess ourselves, to identify our strengths and imagine how we can grow in the future. I’m looking forward to implementing our well thought out plan and engaging Village members in the process."

Dick Myers, Vice President - Communications – Village member since 2019

Dick Myers has been the Chair of the Communications committee. In his new role as Vice President he will work with Committee Chairs and others to develop broader and more effective ways of communicating within our membership and in the larger community to magnify the work of the Village. “I am looking forward to making our website a more vibrant, useful, interesting, productive element of our organization. I want it to effectively represent the richness and diversity of experiences that we offer to our members.” 

Claire Gorfinkel, Treasurer - Village Member since 2012

Claire Gorfinkel is the Chaplain of the Pasadena Jewish Temple and Center. She has been executive director of a social justice organization, and was a fundraiser for most of her professional career. She is familiar with budgets and fundraising. “I value the deep friendships I have made through the Village, the many activities, and the opportunity to get to know new people.” She is looking forward to serving on the Executive Committee. As Treasurer, she will work to provide regular comprehensive and understandable documents to the Board that accurately show the organization’s financial position.

Wayne April, Secretary – Village member since 2017

Wayne is a retired geriatrics social worker who is a member of our Support Assessment Team and Chair of the Education committee. He has been on the board for two years. “My first two years on the Board flew by! I now look forward to fulfilling the role of Secretary and joining the Executive Committee to help steer the Village towards its mission of "fostering vital independence in a spirit of mutual support, enrichment, and inclusiveness."

NEW BOARD MEMBERS - terms beginning July 1, 2022

Thermon “Rick” Holliday – community member

Rick is a Pasadena native and owner of TRH Insurance & Financial Services. He is a member of several organization of relevance to the Village and has contacts with religious and educational and small business organizations. He understands and believes in the mission of the Village and is enthusiastic and personable. He’ll make a great ambassador for the Village.

Diane Kirbis – Community member

Diane recently retired as a Family Nurse Practitioner and is currently a Senior Advisor at Concepts for Living and is Membership Chair for Verdugo Hills Hospital Women’s Council. She has a broad understanding of the needs of older people and the local communities. She has extensive connections with assisted living communities.

Nancy Valentine – Community member

Nancy is a broker with Deasy, Penner, Podley - Director of Trust & Probate properties. She has community contacts with a range of professionals who can help the Village and its’ members. She has the interest, time and resources to be actively involved.

Jo Yeargin – Village member since 2013

Jo is an active Village member and volunteers with several community organizations. She retired as a marketing specialist with IBM and has local contacts with the media, religious groups, political organizations and the NAACP. She recently received an award from Judy Chu, for her work with Delta Sigma Theta, a national organization working for improvement and growth of Black women.


Fritzie Culick has served on the Board for a full six year term. During that time she served as Vice President as well as a member of the Development Committee. She is the Village leader for the Foothills Neighborhood group and the monthly birthday party celebrations. The Board of Directors has benefitted from her deep knowledge of the community as well as her experience as a small business owner, not to mention her cheerful “can do” outlook and her sense of humor. 

Robin McCarthy represented ECS (Episcopal Communities & Services) on our Board of Directors. We appreciate her support of our vision of a community where older adults thrive in the places they call home.

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