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By Blog Master
Posted: 08/20/2022


Once a month a group of Pasadena Village members gather for lunch at Michillinda Park. They settle into a shady spot, set up their folding chairs and open up their lunch containers. Someone always brings the Pasadena Village yard sign and posts it in the ground.  Introductions are made and conversation begins.

What draws people to these Brown Bag lunch affairs? Karen Bagnard, a regular attender, says it is a great way to get to know people. “People are sick of Zoom. It’s so great to be outdoors. We never lack for things to talk about.” Ron Scott, who attends with his dog, Skipper, agrees. “I like being outdoors, talking to my friends. And I always meet someone new.” At the most recent event, Ron agreed to bring Skipper by to visit another member’s dogs while they were out of town.

On a hot August day the group of Village members was joined by Angie Pizano from New Wave Home Care, a business partner of Pasadena Village. New Wave Home Care is a locally-owned agency that provides in-home care for people who need assistance in order to remain safely in their familiar surroundings. Angie explained the services provided by New Wave Home Care and gave some examples of the ways in which in-home care can help a person retain a degree of independence and control in their lives.

There were lots of questions from the Village members. What is the difference between health care and home care? How does long term care insurance work with home care? What does Medicare cover? What is a care manager? Members shared stories of loved ones and acquaintances who needed assistance in order to remain at home. Wayne April, chair of the Village Educational Programs committee, reminded the members that presentations are regularly offered in order to provide members with important information about care options because having current information will be useful when assistance is needed in order to remain as independent as possible.

At the close of the discussion Angie passed out cupcakes – a sweet reward for tackling tough topics.

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