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Return with Honor Film honors our Servicemen

By Meanderings BLOG
Posted: 09/29/2020
The Return with Honor Film project is a series of in-depth interviews with a group of Navy and Marine airmen who were captured and systematically tortured as Prisoners of War during the Vietnam War.

Theirs is an incredible story of human courage, military discipline, the struggle to survive and fulfill one's mission, and extraordinary dedication to principles of honor and commitment.

I post this film because I think it contains important messages for our community of Pasadena Village. In this film we are seeing a community made up of the servicemen who were captured. They are in extreme circumstances, we are not in such circumstances, but we are also a community.

What maintains a community?  This film shows us what gave them strength and held them together was communication. They had autonomy over their communication, and by doing so it became a tool in preventing isolation. That message comes through very clearly in this film and those are values that are very important to our community. Communication and autonomy.With these important elements, you will survive through and deal with difficult circumstances in life. These are the lessons that we can take away from this film.

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