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Dappled Morning Sunlight by Karen Bagnard

By Karen Bagnard
Posted: 05/12/2021
Tags: karen bagnard

Treasure every moment of dappled morning sunlight.  Breath the mellow air of a spring morning filled with the songs of birds.  Relish the soft breezes on my face and through my hair.  Listen to the rustle in the leaves and high above in the palm fronds.

Even relish the long walk down the driveway.   Feel gratitude as I wheel out the trash barrels and check the mailbox and inspect the palo verde tree that looks like a tall twig.

Every moment is mine and each has its wonders.  There is no wasted time, only time that we fail to savor.  Savor the moments big and small.  They are here and then they are gone, never to return in exactly the same way.  

Take time to smile at a stranger or wave at someone as you sit on the porch.  Watch the cat cross the street with something in its mouth… even she feels gratitude for whatever she has hunted.  

Watch the clouds move ever so slowly.  Note the changes in the shadows of the trees and the house.  Feel the richness of life even when the bank account is low.  Realize that you have everything you need.  Let that spontaneous prayer of gratitude bubble up.

As the day darkens notice the moonrise through the blinds.  Step outside to marvel at it.  Sometimes it’s high above and sometimes it’s huge as it rises above the silhouetted horizon.  It’s beautiful and ever-changing.  Be a moon-watcher.

My heart is full.  My life is rich.  I live independently with the pleasure of company when I choose.  I feel the love of friends and family and I’ve known romantic love in varying degrees.  I can write and draw and listen to music.  I sleep well and safely.  I wake to coffee, conversation and options.  This day is mine.  I start it with treasuring the dappled morning sunlight.

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