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Donna Hummer, Creative Connections

By Karen Bagnard
Posted: 05/24/2021
Tags: bios, karen bagnard

Donna  Hummer is a graphic artist, web designer, and branding expert, who started her business, Conceptual Line, at a time when female entrepreneurs we're not often seen; her creativity and design expertise helps her business serve a wide variety of clients.

While not currently a member of the village, she  is definitely a member of our community as a friend, supporter, and professional contractor.  Donna is vehemently involved in the ongoing creation and development of our website. This modest accomplished woman is a tribute to our community and a pleasure to know and work with.

We are happy to feature her in our Creative Connection series, a continuing series offered by the village to introduce our members to creative and inspiring people in our midst. Here’s your chance to meet this dynamic woman who has worked with our Communications Committee to make our visibility on the internet more powerful than ever.Donna Hummer's presentation was recorded and may be viewed here under Creative Connections

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