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History and presence of white supremacy in the US

By Blog Master
Posted: 07/10/2020

- Dick Myers -

Recent news continues as a deluge of information that we need to pay attention to, but, occasionally, there is something that overwhelms with its power. A presentation by Jeffrey Robinson of the A CLU is one of those things. This is the most powerful and moving presentation I have heard outlining the history of white supremacy in our society. It traces its way through all our history in detail that I have only seen in bits and pieces throughout all my readings. It is a presentation that we all should see. Click here to see the presentation and be prepared to tell us how it impacts you. Our next meeting is on the third Friday, July 17 at noon PST.


Having just viewed this presentation, I am unable to say anything more about our upcoming meeting except to urge you to watch this and think about the message and how it reflects on your life and those of your neighbors.

Connection information for our meeting will be sent via email. If you are not on our email list and would like to be added, please contact our office to give us your email and contact information.

I want to also recommend to those interested another group discussion by a sister village in Portland, Oregon starting their own “Diversity Equity Inclusion Affinity Group”. That connection information will also be provided in our mailing.

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