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1619 Project - November 20

By Blog Master
Posted: 11/18/2020
- Dick Myers -

I have just received a an article to suggest  our upcoming meeting on Friday, November 20. This is an article about the National Parents Council adopting the 1619 project as a teaching tool.

I also want to announce that a good personal friend of mine, Tom Jones, has agreed to come speak to us in December about his book, "From Willard Straight to Wall Street: A Memoir". Tom tells the story of his life from his days as a student leader at Cornell in the late 60s to his successful career at the top corporate levels on Wall Street. 

Tom was a leader at Cornell at a time when Cornell was making a serious effort to increase the diversity and inclusivity of the student population. This was a very tumultuous time in the country and for Cornell in particular. Tom follows that with a description of his career in corporate America and the success that he achieved. It is a remarkable story and provides a lot of insights into race in America and how it works.

The date of his visit will be announced later and more information about Tom and his book will be provided then. This should be a very informative and entertaining session and I encourage you to try to attend if at all possible.

Our meeting this Friday is at noon Pacific on November 20. The connection information is in your email. We hope to see you there.
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