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Black History Month References

By Blog Master
Posted: 02/08/2021
Another lively discussion covered current events with special attention to those related to Black History Month. Also, a reminder about our upcoming presentation from Carol McGrath about her successful efforts to get sundown laws in Glendale removed from the books. Tell your friends who might be interested about this upcoming presentation.

-- notes prepared by Sharon Jarrett--

The discussion group met on February 5th. 

A number of events related to Black History Month were discussed which included:

- the California African American History Museum author panels, these can be reviewed by logging onto the Museum website.

- Event has a listing of programs nationwide available, log onto the website.

- The New York Times has a number of op ed pieces focused on the Los Cause which can be accessed on the website.

The next meeting of the 1619 group on the 19th will have a guest speaker Carol McGraff.  She will discuss the sundown laws in Glendale and the process to remove them. One of the participants from Oregon indicated that when they purchased their property, the title included a no sale to African Americans clause. The clause was removed as the paperwork was processed. Another participant indicated they encountered a similar issue.

This led to a discussion of a cemetery refusing to accept an African American for burial due to a clause in the title documents. 

The participants were encouraged to notice these types of incidents and to comment on them to end them.

A general discussion on voter suppression followed.  This included the need for education to ensure everyone was observant of changes in voting processes that resulted in suppression.

The meeting ended with a discussion of the importance of Black History Month activities and the need to participate.

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