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Reasons for Optimism?

By Blog Master
Posted: 04/13/2021
The positive changes that we saw in the 60's were stimulated by the kinds of coverage that the civil rights workers and protests throughout the  country received. I take some hope that we may experience that effect from this extensive coverage.

In addition, often mentioned in the news, although not prominently, there are changes in policing administration around the country that are taking place now. This is movement in the right direction and gives me hope. We need to be aware of these things and keep them in mind for a number of reasons. First, just to give us something hopeful to hold on to during these difficult time, second, the things that provide us hope also point the way toward actions that we might take to support these movements and give them a better chance of succeeding.

In our May 7th meeting, I have scheduled a presentation about a book named, Cousins. This is a story told by two women from two branches of a family descended from a slave holder, one black family and one white family, who found each other and formed a bond. This is a fascinating story which I feel sure will provide considerable fuel for thought and discussion.

On  our June schedule, I am expecting a presentation from my friend Linda Pope, in Houston, a frequent participant in our discussions, who is an ophthalmologist and the daughter of David Pope, a well known black baseball player. Her story is a fascinating one also, and I am looking forward to her presentation.

The link to join  our presentations will be sent via email per our usual practice. Interested parties who are not on our mailing list should contact us  at the blog master email to get the link.

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