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Larry Duplechan, Blacks in Film

By Richard Myers
Posted: 02/03/2024

On Friday, February 2, we kicked off our Black History Month celebration with a stimulating presentation by Larry Duplechan. Larry focused his presentation on  one chapter of his new book, " Movies That Made Me Gay." The book is available at Vroman's bookstore

The presentation may be viewed on our youtube channel " Larry Duplechan, Black in Film"


The chapter that Larry covered provided us with a very interesting history of how Blacks  were treated and mistreated in the film industry over many decades. Larry illustrated his narrative with film clips  providing us with a real understanding of the points he was making. Everyone felt that they had learned a lot from this presentation , after Larry stopped, several participants added their own experiences and reflections to the discussion.


 We will be following up with Larry to see another topic that he might share with us. 

In our next meeting, Febraury 16 at 12 noon, our guest speaker will be Ricky Pickens. Ricky is actively engaged in an effort to interrupt gang violence in the Psadane- Altadena area. This is a subject of real importance to all of us who live and work in this area.


The following presentation on the 1st Friday in March, March 1 at 10AM Pacific. We consider it  to be a continuation of our recognition of Black History Month, falling on February 29  + 1. Helane Rhinegold will be our presentor with another of her totally absorbing Conversations with Art, this time, "BLACKS PORTRAYED BY EUROPEAN ARTISTS THROUGH THE CENTURIES."  


As always, 1619 The Lingering Imprint, welcomes guests. If you enjoy what we are doing in this group please feel free to let your friends know that they are welcome to join us. You can register for our event through our website. Or you can email me  to get on our mailing list. 

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