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Great Decisions Connects Us to the Worldwide Community

By Suzi Hoge
Posted: 02/27/2024
Tags: small group gatherings, suzi hoge

Great Decisions, an engaging eight-session program, began again at Pasadena Village on February 13. Villagers registered for the program and purchased the Great Decisions book for this series. 

Great Decisions is a program of the Foreign Policy Association, which offers a briefing book each year that covers a variety of topics related to foreign policy. This year the topics to be discussed are Mideast Realignment, Climate Technology and Competition, Science Across Borders, U.S.–China Trade Rivalry, NATO’s Future, Understanding Indonesia, High Seas Treaty, and Pandemic Preparedness.

For each session, participants read a section of the briefing book, attend the session, watch the video presentation together, and then discuss the topic. Leading the discussions for this year’s classes are Dan Guerrero, Cathy Deely, and Phil Hoge. Other Villagers also volunteer to lead particular topics. 

Pasadena Villagers are enthusiastic participants in the sessions, enjoying connecting to the greater international community, learning about fellow Villagers’ experiences and knowledge, being stimulated intellectually through the discussion of complex topics, and learning more about the world we live in. 

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