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Trumps War with Black Women

By Richard Myers
Posted: 03/31/2024
Tags: current topics

Our next meeting is scheduled for this Fridy, April 5th at 10am on our usual link which will be sent out via email. There is no specific topic for discussion, but Donald Trump continues to have trouble with black women doing things he does not like and he has made specific attacks on Fani Willis and Tish James. We might have some interesting discussions on wat is happening there or on other topics that are on your mind.

For our next meeting on the third Fridy, April 19th at noon, we have arranged for a visit from Linda Pope, one of our regular visitors to our group who has also done a presentation for us in the past called My Father’s Dream Come True.  Linda has seen the movie Origins and is currently reading the book Caste, and we will talk about her reactions to what she is learning from the book and question that are raised in her mind. Linda is an ophthalmologist in Houston, Texas. She visited Houston in her early years traveling with her father who was a professional baseball player and after her visit to Houston vowed never to return. Years later, pursuing her medical education and training, she found herself in Houston again and wound up staying and building a successful medical practice and raised her two fine children. Linda is also a minister in Houston and will certainly have some interesting reflections to share.

We invite you to join us for this whether you have read or seen the book or not.  You may have heard of either or both and may have some thoughts or curiosity, or something to contribute.  It is always interesting to see with this kind of material how it is similar or different to friend any neighbors.

As always, our discussion is open to guests who can get into the information about getting in to the meeting by contacting th e Pasadena Village office at (626) 765- 6037 or

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