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How do You Define Yourself?

By Lora Harrington-Pride
Posted: 12/24/2023
Tags: lora harrington pride



         What I have written about on these blogs are things that have happened to me and mine, but they are not things that have broken us or ever defined who we are.

         Don’t see us as people to whom bad things have happened, where you say, “That is so sad – I never knew such things had happened to you.” 

         I don’t want to be seen as a family that has been wounded and is trying to heal.  We are happy, healthy, successful people who have gotten on with our lives and are still able to love people on an individual basis.  We are well.

         My children’s ages are; 66, 63, 62 and 58.  Child number four died in 2019.  Were he still with us, he would be age 60.  In total, through them, I am responsible for 21 human beings living in this world, whose existence defines me, as my existence and who I remain to be, defines them.  Happy Holidays.”


Lora Harrington-Pride                                                                12/17/23

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