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Current Events Including the RICO Indictment of Mr. Trump

By Richard Myers
Posted: 08/19/2023
Tags: history, art
Notes taken by Sharon Jarrett:
There was no formal agenda for the meeting and the group engaged in a lively discussion about recent events in the news.  This began with a conversation about projects participants had engaged in to get out the vote and the need to continue these efforts at the local level.  Voter suppression activities were discussed, as well as, the need to keep voters engaged in the voting process.
The group then turned to the indictments in Georgia.  The importance of the case was discussed at length. The group compared media coverage and approaches to reporting, expressed concerns about public reactions and wondered about the rule of law and views of what that means.  The willingness to accept unequal application of the law by some individuals was discussed.
Finally, there was a discussion about the fires in Maui, the lack of robust governmental response and the emerging information about companies taking advantage of those in need.
The fires in the Northwest Territories and British Columbia was also discussed.
The routinely scheduled meeting on Septmebr 1 has been cancelled due to the beginnign of Labor Day weekend. Our next meeting will be held on September 15 at noon PST. 
In October, on the first Friday, October 6 at 10am Pacific, we will featue another engaging presentation by Helane Rheingold of selected art works by African American artists. Helene's presentation "Conversations With Art" are always interactive and lively. Guests are welcome at these presentations and can register through the Event Calendar on our website to get the link for the meeting. For those who have attended previously, the link is always the same. 
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