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LA Pioneered Residential Segregation

By Blog Master
Posted: 09/28/2021
With a small turnout for our meeting, our second meeting in August, we nevertheless had a spirited discussion about the current state of affairs. With a high proportion of participants having roots in Texas or actually living in Texas, the discussion focused on on developments in the political environment there. Voter suppression was the primary issue talked about, and the voter suppression that is taking place is grounded in the same racial environment that is the basis of the 1619 Project Discussion.

Understanding the environment we are living in means  that it is important to understand how the environment came to be what it is. Many decisions made in various  places around the country heavily contributed to shaping our current world and in the Los Angeles Times, in a recent article,  describes how decisions made in Los Angeles shaped housing patterns throughout the country. The article discusses how Los Angeles pioneered residential segregation  as a marketing tool for selling homes in Los Angeles, but the consequences reached beyond Los Angeles. For our  readers who do not subscribe to the Los Angeles  Times, we have a made a PDF available for download.

The next meeting will be held on the fist Friday in October, on October 1st at 10AM PST on the usual link. The link will be sent to our mailing list before the meeting for ease of access. Readers who would like to join our meeting should send us an email requesting to be added to our mailing list to receive the link.

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