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Dominion Lawsuit, South Africa and 710 Stub

By Richard Myers
Posted: 03/08/2023

Notes by Sharon Jarrett:


The meeting began with a discussion on the truth and reconciliation process in South Africa and how the process unfolded.

The group then discussed the Dominion Voting Systems case against Fox News.

This led to a discussion embedded in the 1619 Project of a country based on ideas of the Enlightenment versus the historical events of the nation's founding.

The participants next discussed a local issue the return and use of the 710 Stub and the composition of the committee that would hear public comment and make recommendations to the City Council.

The upcoming anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre was acknowledged.

Finally, a recent Diversity, Equity and Inclusion presentation by members of Pasadena Village was reviewed.

Future Topics for Discussion 

 In our April 7th meeting, on the first Friday at 10 AM, we will feature another  presentation by Brian Biery, adjunct professor at Pacific Oaks College. This time Brian’s subject is the impact that images have on the quest for social justice. As always, we expect this to be an engaging and informative presentation, which will be recorded and available through our website, on our Youtube channel.

Our next meeting on the 3rd Friday of this month, March 17th at Noon, we look forward to another interesting discussion about what is happening around us. Several things come to mind that might be topics for this discussion:

  •  Teaching of history is under serious assault in many locations. Educators around the country are concerned about  legislation  that prohibits the presentation of information about the racial history of this country
  •         Reparations are being discussed in various places and situations around the country. The most immediate here is the beginning of the discussion of what to do with the 40 acres taken for the 710 Stub Project about which we received a presentation last month. It is always interesting to hear what’s happening in other reparations discussions around the country, for instance, a Council in San Francisco recently suggested a payment of 5 million dollars to individuals as an appropriate reparation
  •         Voting rights and abortion rights  are under serious assault in many locations around the country. Both of these activities have serious racial impact because of the disproportionate ways that they effect different communities within our society. These are serious and organized assaults and we need more exposure and discussion about what the results of these efforts can do to the world that we all share.

These are just a few of the topics that could be appropriate for a spirited discussion in our meeting. There is no telling what other topics may surface in the new cycle prior to our meeting. Come prepared to participate and share your views about what is happening and what can be done about any of it.

For more information 

These discussion groups are provided and sponsored by the Pasadena Village, but we invite interested parties to participate with us. More information is available through our office at (626)765-6037.

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