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Diversity, Residential Segregation, Children

By Blog Master
Posted: 10/10/2021
For our upcoming meeting on October 15th, we have several topics that might be of interest. First, a comment that I heard on the news piqued my interest and I would like to throw it out as a question for the group. One of the speakers on a program I was listening to mentioned that younger voters have much more interest and response to diversity as an issue.  This was just a comment thrown out in a discussion without evidence and I would like to know who can cite evidence of this or has an opinion about what this means and what impacts it can have on election outcomes.

Second, our last discussion covered residential segregation in Los Angeles and a new article has come to my attention referring to the Pasadena experience in this regard.

Third, is a story of the unequal treatment of black children by officials in Tennessee. This is just an example of a blatantly unfair situation of the type that is all too common and must be addressed. Children from an elementary school were actually jailed for watching a fight in a case where there was no Tennessee law that called for any such response or action at all.

For a summary of our last discussion, click on residential segregation.

We look forward to a stimulating discussion and will send out the link to our mailing list.
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