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What is the "Spirit Talk" Group About?

By Karen Bagnard
Posted: 01/16/2023
Tags: small group gatherings, karen bagnard

One of the greatest features  of our community is the variety and depth of the many discussion groups that are active.  A list of our affinity groups is available on our website. One good example of a group is Spirit Talk.  How it began and how it has continued and what it does provides a good understanding  of how Pasadena Village became and continues to be a rich,  vibrant and engaging environment. 



Spirit Talk:

What is it and how did it get started?


Nearly three years ago, deep into the “lockdown”, a small group of Village members decided to “meet for coffee” one Saturday afternoon on the Coffee Klatch Zoom link.  A new member had just joined and we all wanted to meet her and learn more about her background and the book she had written.


Our discussion that Saturday afternoon was about religions, spirituality and the mysteries and unknowns of life.  It was not the ordinary conversations most people have.  We all enjoyed it so much that we decided to meet again in two weeks.


After our second meeting we decided to do this regularly on the second and fourth Saturdays from 2:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon to explore the wonders, mysteries and marvels of life.  We do not proselytize or discuss “merits” of one religion over another nor do we discuss politics.  We simply share our views and curiosities without judgement and with respect for differing perspectives. 


Topics for discussion can vary from the healing effects of being in nature to faith vs. spirituality to how do we forgive, to space exploration’s effect on our spirituality to who was the most influential person in our life and why.  We never seem to run short of topics to discuss.  Everyone has a chance to share and we all offer ideas for topics.  While we may not always agree, we are respectful and we do have a lot of fun.  Humor always has a place.


Spirit Talk is just an hour of interesting conversation about any topic that appeals to us or interests us.  We find it enlarging to discuss beliefs and spirituality without getting into specific religions and doctrines.  As this goes to press, our Next meeting will be on January 28, 2023, where the topic will be dreams. What are they?  Where do they come from?  What do they mean? How do they affect our lives?


Members who are interested can contact Karen Bagnard for more information.  Non-members who are interested in a Village membership can contact our office at 626-765-6037. For more information about visiting this group and learning about membership. Everyone is invited to visit our Why Membership page, to learn more about the benefits of being a part of our community. 

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