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Recap of the Year

By Blog Master
Posted: 11/29/2021
For our upcoming meeting on December 3rd, 2021, we would like to review the past turbulent year and the discussions that we have held about the events we witnessed. It has been an emotional, upsetting, but sometimes exciting year full of many different kinds of challenges. Rather than suggesting an individual topic, we would like to gather together as friends and review our thoughts and emotions as they occur to us in the moment.

We would also like to talk about our group and how we are feeling about what it has contributed to our understanding of the complex and confusing world that we are all navigating. What have we done that worked well, and what can we do to improve the experience as we move forward onto whatever the new year brings us.

Gather your thoughts and feelings and come join us for what will be the last gathering of this group, for 2021. We are taking off after this to enjoy the season with family and friends and will not hold the scheduled meeting on December 17th, the third Friday of December.

We have all  been affected in different ways by many events this year, and we'd like to hear if any of our discussions have contributed to your understanding  or changed your perspective.
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