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Don't perpetuate myths about race

By Richard Myers
Posted: 09/04/2020
  - Anon -

The discussion that is happening today throughout the country is interesting and good and needs to continue, but several things are being said in the dialogue that are inaccurate and perpetuating myths that should be stopped and countered.
We didn’t live in slums and ghettos as a race, although there were many who were poor. Our neighborhoods were self-contained, except for our fathers jobs outside of the neighborhood. However, white fathers worked outside their neighborhoods as well, so nothing strange about that.     
I remember my parents discussing 1929 soup lines in the cities. Their black fathers owned land, up to 140 acres, and they had plenty food.
Propaganda is a horrible thing. Whites still do not know brown/black people. However many of their views are as wrong about us as my views were about China before my first and subsequent trips there.
We must start somewhere, so the dialogue is good.

- Anon. -

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