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Black Leadership, Voter Suppression

By Blog Master
Posted: 01/26/2022

Notes by Sharon Jaret

The group discussed a number of topics during the meeting beginning with reflections on the recent Martin Luther King Commemoration Day. Some noted that new, young leaders were not evident in the celebrations and events of the day. Others suggested that new leaders may not have emerged as yet.

It was also noted that the news media does not always notice young and emerging leaders.

It was noted that female, African American mayors and legislators are emerging. They are better known at the local level and do not receive attention at the national level. A comment was made that the Black Lives Matter organization is developing a pool of talented future leaders at the local level.

The group next reflected on the social platforms emerging in politics. It was noted that at the time of the Dream Speech, not everyone had the same concept of the dream. Patterns of discussion are emerging

and helpful in moving the conversation about race forward. The slowness of these discussions was also noted including the negativity from the pandemic and the tension created by diverging views of the American Dream.

A participant from Portland, Oregon who resides in the Multomah Village area shared an "Equity Statement" developed by the Neighborhood Association. The statement indicates the community seeks to promote an open, fair, welcoming and safe neighborhood. The focus line is Open. Fair. Welcoming.

The participants next discussed voter suppression at the local level with a participant from Houston discussing the challenges to mail in voting for over 65s, those with disabilities, pregnant or in jail in that state.

Sally Currie, a participant and poet, shared a recent poem, "Power of Belief".

The next meeting will be February 4th at 10:00 AM PST. There will be a guest speaker at the February 18th

meeting at 12:00 Noon PST, Melissa Daniel. Ms. Daniel will discuss the novel she is writing about her interracial family, Warwick Will

This is similar to what was described in a previous session about a book, Cousins .

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