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Message from Board Chair Pat Dawe - THE PRESENT

By Blog Master
Posted: 07/06/2022


In our tenth year as a Village we’ve had growth, transformation and fun--all at the same time. It’s been such an energizing experience, seeing how we’ve all worked to build on our strengths as an active and supportive Village. I want to highlight just a few of our achievements together as a Village this year:


• First, we’ve greatly expanded our fund-raising: Even as the ECS founding grant  sunsets, we’ve increased funding over last year enough to net us a $40,000 matching grant. The total to date includes over $80,000 in Foundation grants, over $60,000 in individual gifts, and over $30,000 in corporate gifts, business partnerships and event sponsors. That’s a solid financial position for us going forward.

• Secondly, we’re much more visible and connected with our community: We’ve developed 40 new community non-profit and business partners, and we’re providing over 20 education and cultural programs free and open to the public. We have 20% more newsletter subscribers (over 1000 now) and a leadership voice in the state-wide Village Movement California.

• We’re planning ahead: We’ve just completed our first ever -Strategic Plan -our road map to the future that supports our vision for Village growth, diversity and sustainability. It envisions lots of opportunities for us to work together next year, and to engage new members as they join us.

• And, we’re enriching the Village culture that we all treasure: That’s the web of relationships and activities for every Village member that was envisioned 10 years ago. With 24 new members this year, 120 volunteers, more than 6 new affinity groups, 60 Zoom meetings per month, The Wonder Years to orient new members, the beat will go on.

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