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A Book Review by Our Very Own Linda Simmons!

By Ms Vyk
Posted: 02/25/2021
One In A Billion by Nancy Pine
If you’re looking for a page turner that takes you deep into the life of An Wei, a Chinese peasant
born into rural poverty who rose above his humble beginnings, Nancy Pine’s One in a Billion is
the book for you. Pine takes the reader deep into the heart of modern China as she chronicles the
coterminous rise of the country and of An Wei’s odyssey from peasant to a highly-educated
English-speaking force as China’s foremost interpreter and selfless global citizen. Through his
work, An Wei gained access to world leaders, such as Henry Kissinger and President Jimmy
Carter, and relentlessly carried out his search for understanding and cooperation between the
United States and China. One in a Billion is a masterful combination of human history and
political developments that continue to deeply affect our lives.

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