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Discrimination in Education

By Blog Master
Posted: 05/14/2022

On Friday, May 6th, Yolanda Carlos and Christy Waterman of Pacific Oaks College, located here in Pasadena, gave a presentation about discrimination in education that was a very complete overview of our U.S. educational system and how it has evolved over the years. Drawing upon their personal experiences as members of the Hispanic community, the Native American community, and their professional training in the field of education, they were able to give us a comprehensive and engaging view of the education system. By interacting with the participants in the meeting, Carlos and Waterman were able to draw on the various perspectives of attendees at the meeting and their different life experiences. We all learned things that we hadn't known about the system we have and how its history has brought us to the state of education today.

The educational system is where we gain many of our skills in life and learn where we fit in and how we interact with others. Better education leads to many social benefits, such as improved economic opportunity, lower crime rates, and helps lift children out of poverty and to lives of greater equality.

Pacific Oaks College concent

rates on teacher education, with the goal of improving children’s lives through teacher education and an onsite children’s school.


This presentation reviews some of the concepts and methods that Pacific Oaks College considers important in the education of children, and includes a discussion by Pasadena Village members about their views and experiences.


To view this presentation, click on this link, Discrimination in Education.

 Our next presentation, on May 20th at 12 noon, will be an open discussion about recent events and where we stand in our progress toward a more equitable and fair world for all citizens. Recent developments include the naming of the first Black woman to the Federal Reserve Board, the recent confirmation of a Black woman to the Supreme Court of the United States, reports about the uneven and inequitable distribution of health care to disadvantaged communities, discrimination in voting rights, and much more. Any of these topics, as well as events that happen between now and the date of the meeting, is considered appropriate for discussion on the 20th.

On June 17th, we anticipate a presentation in cooperation with the Friendship Pasadena Church, recognizing the impact and significance of Juneteenth, June 19th, which has only recently been established as a federal holiday. The coordinator of this presentation is Marcus Williams, the historian for the church, whose congregation formed only seven years after the city of Pasadena was incorporated. With this long perspective, the presentation will give us a fresh view of local history.

We look forward to good turnout on may 20th at 12 noon.



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