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"Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite”….White Privilege?

By John Tuite
Posted: 07/08/2020

We’ve now been in quasi-quarantine for four months!  We’ve lived in fear of and under threat of a life endangering virus which our health system, medical experts, and scientists admit they know little of. Ten Million people across the earth have become victims of this virus and it has killed 500,000 of them in a period of only six months.  This period is what the experts are calling the “first wave”, which may well merge without distinction into an early winter combine attack of coronavirus and flu.  Meanwhile, our economy is attempting “business as usual”, masked and distanced.

At the same time, current events have set off a social earthquake that we have been aware has been rumbling for centuries within our constitutional core.  We may now spend our isolation examining the truth long hidden in the words of our Founders, immortalized by the French as "Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite”.  I wonder whether we can look inside the challenge of the words, "white privilege” and, not only cop to the status we’ve held in Society, but measure the fears and feelings of the men who have been dis-honored and dis-claimed.  Is it a worthwhile exercise?  



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