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Springtime and Childhood Memories

By John Tuite
Posted: 04/01/2021
Men's Time Topic April 6th Discussion Topic

Welcome Gentlemen of our Village!  To April! To Springtime!  To Freedom!  To New Beginnings!

I was thinking today about growing up in Chicago in April…in springtime!  The ice and snow finally started to melt!  The sun began to do its job!  Piles of dirty, grey ice still made it impossible for car-owners to reach the curb, but the streets were clear, and we could pull our bikes down from the back porch, fill the tires with our hand pumps, and go flying the first time since the November storm.  What freedom!  Afternoons with Bob Busse, Charlie Jordan, and Herbie Gosewisch…staying out “’til the lights came on”…visiting the horses at Wanzer Dairy’s stable over on Emerald Street…sneaking a puff on a “Lucky Strike”…playing baseball in Hamilton Park! Caddying at Beverly C.C….going to the Library…eating strawberries that were red! Inside!

I’d like to hear about your growing up times.  What comes to mind about who you were, what you did, how you spent your time, what was “growing up” like?  Were you a city kid?  A rural kid? What did you have that your grands don’t have?  What are the advantages that the grands have, if any?  Tell us something that we don’t know about you!  What were the thirties, forties, and fifties?

John Tuite
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