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Wonders and Marvels of Spring on May 4th

By John Tuite
Posted: 04/29/2021
Men's Time Topic Discussion for May 4th

Hello Gentlemen of the Village!  Welcome to May!  And flowers galore and night air filled with the aroma of pittosporum and jasmine!  And streets and walkways aflutter with fallen blossoms from the trees!  And new life all around us!

I’m dying to tell you about a new toy we have, my wife and myself.  When we drive through the streets during spring we continually point out the hibiscus, the lilacs, and the roses.  And that’s about the conclusion of our knowledge of the wondrous array that surrounds us.  But then we discovered an “app”, you know, some software you add to your smart phone.  It’s called “Picture This!”
With this app we are able to snap a picture of blossoms, leaves, bark, of plants and trees, and instantly we have encyclopedic information of what we’re enjoying with our eyes….I can’t tell you how much more delight there is.
It’s another wonder of technology.  I love carrying around this 25 volume encyclopedia in my shirt pocket!

And this variety of spring has led me to investigate the complexity of the Universe.  I love the feeling of wonder I get just from the numbers.

391,000 species of plants and trees, 369,000 flowering!
18,000 species of birds!  100’s of millions of them migrating twice a year!
20,000 species of fish, many we know nothing about!
344 species of dogs!  38 species of cats!
223 nationalities!
100’s of Billions of galaxies!  100 thousand million stars just in the Milky Way!
Stars in the Universe: 10 to the 24th power!

WOW!! So tell us what stimulates your wonder and marvel and awe! Tell us something we don’t know about your inner life of wonder! Please..

John Tuite

PS:  Howard Ruffner has posted some of his photography on his Instagram account for everyone's viewing pleasure.

Wayne April has contributed a link to the article from The Atlantic about the information in Ancient Rock Records

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