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Who are you, and why?

By John Tuite
Posted: 07/29/2021
Men's Time Topic Discussion for Tuesday, August 3rd

Dear Gentlemen of the Pasadena Village,

Welcome to the gradual ending of summer and the happy anticipation of autumn!

But first, I’ve got to have my vacation!  (Oh, oh, this is going to be all about him, again!)
Yes, the subject this month is  “Where did you come from?”…and what do you cherish
from your hometown, your home state, your schooling, your ‘hood, your sibs, your pals?
How did you become what you became?  How do you know what you know?

What’s the name of your first heart swoon?  What’s the name of your first read book?
What was your first adventure?  Any bias you learned and later dropped?  What
characteristics rubbed off that you identify with your region, your town, your neighborhood, your family, your pals?  What are your memories of growing up, your strongest memories?  How do they all remember you?  How are you different from the guy you were at eighteen?  Why???

I’m going to Chicago for a week in August!  I’m going to see my eldest daughter, my
older sister and brother, these two for the last time, perhaps.   Who knows?  But, as
usual, I’m also going to see the City of Chicago!  The streets and avenues, the parks
and museums, the theaters and ballparks!  

My prep school, the changes, the personalities old and new!  The universities and the
Water Tower and the Miracle Mile!  I’m going to see it all!  And I love it…I love it
already!  I’m already remembering the many books I've read, the people who made
my life, my heroes and villains, all the things that made me who I am, taught me
what I know, and stirred feelings that are are still around when I let them out!

I wish you could come along…I’d love to show you around!

John Tuite

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