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Halloween Gratitude

By John Tuite
Posted: 10/27/2021
Men's Time Topic Discussion for Tuesday, November 2nd

Welcome Gentlemen of the Village!  It is November, 2021!  November: I grew up in the Midwest, so November was always
a time of warning! danger! darkness! threat!  “Spooky monsters" had appeared on the last day of the previous month, warning
of tricks without treats, announcing their presence with bloody faces and terrifying shouts…nothing like today's benign encounters
intended to buy off the neighbors’ children with pounds of chocolate!  No homeowner was safe…no child save threat of bodily harm! \
Burning leaves on curbsides, despite the pleasant aroma, spoke to fire’s curse to home and hearth!

If that weren’t enough, winter was coming with snow, sleet, hail, and ice!  Darkness, shadows, and nightfall came before suppertime!
With the cold came “longies”, sweaters, caps, scarves, and overcoats!  By the time you were dressed for the mile walk to school
you were sweaty and grumpy, and you probably forgot where you left your homework!  Oh god!  What explanation to give to
Sister F’rgivemenot!  Oh god!  It was such a pleasant childhood! 

But this is fifty, sixty, and seventy years later.  What shall we choose for a topic for November, 2021?  I heard it! I heard it! What more fitting
than than Gratitude!  By the end of the month, what with gloomy mornings, overcast days, waiting for Christmas holidays, the
calendar was kind enough to place in the last week that glorious festival of Gratitude, a whole day of giving thanks, Thanksgiving!!

But what is it other than that sigh of relief of having missed another year of root canals, stolen identity, and the Covid? 

“Gratitude is a spontaneous feeling but, increasingly, research demonstrates its value as a practice…that is, making conscious 
efforts to count one’s blessings.  Studies show that people can deliberately cultivate gratitude…and there are important
social and personal benefits to doing so.  It is possible to feel grateful for loved ones, colleagues, animals, nature, and
life in general.  The emotion generates a climate of positivity that both reaches inward and extends outward.”

So, let’s test out this theory that the practice of gratitude can give us “a climate of positivity”.  I want you all and each to briefly
and sincerely tell us who and what you are grateful for, and why, if you can, simply.  And let it sink in, if it will, and test the
healing nature of Thankfulness…Gratitude…Appreciation…Being the Beneficiary…Making a Gratitude List…Celebrating
Gratitude Daily…Being mindful of my world...Tell us the little things that you’re grateful for...and no repeats, please.

John Tuite


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