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Love and Saint Valentinius

By John Tuite
Posted: 01/28/2022

Men's Time Topic Discussion for Tuesday, February 1 

Good Morning, Men of the Pasadena Village!

It’s February, a very special time when we’re reminded by the example of Saint Valentinius that love is one, if not THE most important aspect of mankind’s existence. Without love babies whither, and shrink, and die! Children grow up crooked, and twisted, and lame in their inner ways! Adults become cunning, angry, hateful! Only love makes the difference. In February we’re reminded to take stock of how we love, how well we love, who we owe love to, how we respond to love when given!

It’s February, it’s President’s Day, it’s a month when we ponder, celebrate, and muse on the most important job in the land, the Presidency of the United States! We choose two Presidents to represent them all, the good, the lame, the inspiring, the thoughtful. It’s not the highest paying job in the land, not all were ready to face the problems they faced, some were brilliant by chance, others failed to meet our expectations. But there were 46 of them, and I would expect that each of them thought at some time in their four or eight years, “How did I think I could do this job!"

It is February 1st of the New Year, 2022! We have just celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Village Movement, the birth of the Beacon Hill Village in Boston, and hundreds of new Villages around the country have sprung up, and more each month. What a blessing for so many people, and how each Village is shaped to respond to the particular needs of that community.

Think about your Village experience and tell us what you appreciate most and how you and your partner participate in activities. I love the response to someone’s expression that "I wish we could start such and such an activity.” “You are not alone, so say you’re going to start it, and see who shows up!” We form all sorts of communities of interest, and thus we respond to peoples’ isolation, loneliness, and mental health!

Talk about how you found the Village, how you entered in, whom you met, what ideas you have that you’ve not expressed, what our Village needs that it has not thought of yet! Tell us things you’ve not told anyone else!

John Tuite   

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